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About PetHub.Gives / Every Pet Charity

Profound Commitment to Lasting Impacts

In September 2023, driven by a profound commitment to making a lasting impact, PetHub.Gives / Every Pet was launched. This new entity is rooted in our belief that the technology developed for returning lost pets home again quickly can become a beacon of hope for lost pets and their families, regardless of race, location or economic status.

Recognizing the challenges faced by shelters and municipalities with limited funding, PetHub.Gives / Every Pet was formed to bridge the gap. We're dedicated to equipping these vital organizations with proven visual ID tag technology, which saves shelters money and, more importantly, keeps families together by swiftly reuniting lost animals with their fur-ever homes.

PetHub.Gives / Every Pet stands at the intersection of innovation and compassion, driven by the knowledge that advanced, equitable pet identification technology can lead to tangible, life-changing outcomes. We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey – a journey that ensures pets find their way home in record time, while strengthening the bond between animals and their human families. Your support fuels our passion and enables us to make a profound difference, one paw print at a time.

Meet Our Team

Where Passion and Dedication Meet

Tom Arnold

President / Secretary / Director

Tom Arnold is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of, a venture that took flight in 2010. With a background steeped in software development and the daily joys and challenges of being both a pet parent and a human parent, Tom's journey was sparked by a desire to bridge his love for animals with his passion for technology.

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Taking a leap from his role at Microsoft, Tom established with the simple aim of making a positive impact after having experienced one of his own animals going missing (his cat, "Taz," was later found and safely returned home).

Tom's commitment to pushing boundaries in the pet industry through's and others technologies remains at the heart of his work. His dedication shines brightly in the form of PetHub.Gives, a nonprofit initiative that seeks to help shelters and municipalities with limited resources enhance their pet identification and return-to-home programs. It's Tom's belief that the solutions developed by PetHub and other like-minded technology companies can lend a hand in reuniting lost pets with their families.

Lorien Clemens

Co-founder & Advisor

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Lorien Clemens wears multiple hats with grace and dedication. As the co-founder and CEO of PetHub, Inc., she embarked on her journey with the startup in its nascent stage back in June 2011. Under her visionary leadership, has garnered a slew of accolades in the pet industry, securing prestigious awards like the Dog Fancy Magazine Editors' Choice Awards, the PetAGE Magazine Retailer Silver Select Award, and the Pet Business Magazine Product of the Year Awards, thanks to its innovative digital ID tags and online services. The crowning achievement arrived when Business Insider Magazine recognized PetHub as one of the 50 Coolest New Businesses in America.

While Lorien's role as CEO of remains central to her mission, she extends her passion and expertise to the realm of charitable endeavors through PetHub.Gives. As a co-founder and advisory board member of PetHub.Gives, Lorien directs her energy towards making a positive impact in the lives of pets and their families through enhanced pet identification programs for underfunded shelters and municipalities. Her remarkable achievements extend beyond the corporate world; Lorien's influence led to her recognition as one of the pet industry's Women of Influence by PetAge Magazine. Additionally, she earned the distinguished title of Pet Industry Woman of the Year from the Pet Industry Network, where she also served their national conference as a keynote speaker.


Nestled amidst the woodlands near Seattle, Washington, Lorien's home is shared with a Boston Terrier ("Hedy"), a feline companion ("Tormund"), her tech-savvy husband, and a spirited four-year-old son. A devoted enthusiast of science fiction and all things tech, she's not only passionate about unraveling cutting-edge trends but is also an ardent supporter of geek culture, making her a true force to reckon with in both the tech and pet spheres.

Jerrica Owen


Jerrica Owen is a resolute advocate poised at the forefront of animal welfare, infusing her passion and expertise into her pivotal role as the Executive Director of the National Animal Care and Control Association (NACA). With an unyielding commitment to championing the rights and well-being of animals, Jerrica stands as a beacon of change, making a profound impact across the nation.

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Armed with a degree in Health Sciences and an impressive array of professional certifications including Animal Welfare Administration (CAWA), Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Organizational Leadership, and Modern Human Resource Management, Jerrica seamlessly melds her academic foundation with almost two decades of hands-on experience in the animal care and control realm. Her comprehensive skill set spans the spectrum from disaster response to shelter management to community engagement, allowing her to deftly bridge the realms of animal advocacy and pragmatic policy implementation.

At the helm of NACA, Jerrica orchestrates initiatives that foster harmonious collaboration among animal care professionals, law enforcement agencies, and communities. Under her guidance, NACA's reach has broadened, disseminating invaluable resources, training, and direction to those steadfastly devoted to safeguarding and nurturing animals. Beyond her professional pursuits, Jerrica finds solace by the ocean, immersing herself in yoga, or indulging in a spirited game of pickleball near her California residence. As a devoted wife and nurturing mother to human, furry, and even shelled (Tortoise!) companions, her personal bond with animals serves as an unswerving catalyst for her dedication to shaping a brighter world for them.

Christy Arnold

Director / Treasurer

A dedicated advocate for community empowerment, Christy Arnold is a board member and Treasurer for PetHub Gives, bringing a rich and diverse background from both the corporate and non-profit worlds.

Christy's journey began at the University of Washington in Seattle, where she earned a degree in Business. With her solid academic foundation, she embarked on a remarkable career in Human Resources, where she spent over 12 years pioneering and leading HR departments in the civil engineering and technology sectors. Her expertise in nurturing talent and building cohesive teams is a testament to her commitment to fostering positive workplace environments.

Christy's dedication extends beyond the professional realm. She took a pause from her career to focus on her family, raising her sons and taking on the vital role of primary caregiver for her mother during her battle with Alzheimer's disease. This experience reinforced her belief in the importance of community support and inspired her to give back to society in meaningful ways.


Currently, Christy serves as the Director of Operations for the Washington state-based non-profit organization, the Health Commons Project. In this position, she oversees critical functions such as accounting and HR, playing a pivotal role in the organization's mission to close health equity gaps in underinvested communities. Her commitment to the cause goes further, as she also serves its board of directors as a corporate officer.


Christy's passion for community involvement shines through her extensive volunteer work. She has dedicated her time to various initiatives, including teaching middle school students about personal economics through Junior Achievement, leading a PEPS group for early parent support, participating in and leading MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) gatherings, and even serving as Board President for a co-op preschool.


In Christy's own words, "Being involved with PetHub Gives is a wonderful opportunity to continue investing in making our communities the best they can be, for humans and pets alike!" Her commitment to the PetHub Gives mission is evident, and her expertise will be invaluable as she takes on the role of corporate Treasurer and board member.

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