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Our Vision

"Helping every community reunite lost pets with their families, faster"

This mission unfolds in two distinct phases, each designed to address the unique challenges faced by pet owners and shelters alike:

  • Phase 1: we partner with established pet identification tag programs, transforming traditional "dumb" tags into smarter digital ID tags. These innovative tags empower pet parents to take control of their pet's information, facilitating quicker reunifications and improving the updating of crucial emergency contact details. By intercepting lost pets "in the field" before they enter shelters, we lighten the burden on these facilities.

  • Phase 2: we extend our reach to communities without existing pet ID programs, offering guidance on establishing such programs from the ground up, including recommendations on pet licensing solutions, return-to-home best practices, and best-in-class identification solutions.


With EveryPet Charity (PetHub.Gives), we envision a world where no pet remains lost for long, bolstering the bonds between families and their beloved companions.

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