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PetHub.Gives collaborates with a diverse range of manufacturers, aligning with our mission to ensure every pet bears visual identification, expediting their swift return home while reducing the influx of animals into shelters. These manufacturers have consistently demonstrated excellence through the quality of their products, punctual deliveries, high customer satisfaction rates, and a shared passion for animal welfare.

Join Us

If your visual identification tag company aspires to be considered for inclusion in PetHub Gives's list of recommended manufacturers, we welcome you to submit your qualifications using the email address provided below.

In your application, please provide comprehensive details regarding your qualifications, including:

  1. Years in Business: Illustrate the duration of your company's presence in the industry, emphasizing your experience and commitment.

  2. Production Capacity: Specify the quantity of identification tags your facility can produce, showcasing your ability to meet varying demands.

  3. Manufacturing Location: Disclose the location of your manufacturing facility, providing transparency regarding your production base.

  4. Quality Standards: Highlight any adherence to recognized quality standards, such as ISO quality standards, underlining your dedication to delivering top-quality products.

  5. Client Endorsements: Share endorsements or testimonials from satisfied clients, affirming your history of excellence and customer trust.

  6. Technology Integration: Describe your capacity and willingness to incorporate QR codes or NFC chips into your identification products, demonstrating your readiness to embrace modern technology.

  7. Additional Information: Include any other pertinent information that you believe would be valuable in evaluating your application.

We eagerly anticipate reviewing your qualifications and exploring the potential for a collaborative partnership that advances our shared mission of ensuring pet safety, swift reunions with their families, and reducing the burden on animal shelters.


Please each out to us to see if there is an opportunity to work together.

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