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EveryPet Charity: Every Community, Every Pet

In a world where countless lost animals face uncertain fates, our decision to establish a new nonprofit is driven by an unyielding commitment to making a real difference. The journey ahead is one that carries immense potential for saving lives, reuniting families, and preventing heartaches. In this blog post, we delve into the reasons behind the creation of EveryPet Charity and the driving forces that motivate us to embark on this remarkable endeavor.

  1. Answering the Call of Unseen Distress: Lost pets represent more than just a statistic. They embody stories of heartbreak and anxiety, of beloved companions who have strayed from the safety of their homes. EveryPet Charity is founded on the principle of alleviating this distress by ensuring that these pets find their way back to their families swiftly and safely.

  2. A Passion Born of Love: The driving force behind EveryPet is an unwavering passion for animals and a deep understanding of the bond they share with their human families. Our love for these creatures propels us to take action, to go beyond sympathy and turn our empathy into a tangible force for change.

  3. Empowering Communities Through Collaboration: Nonprofits hold the power to create communities of like-minded individuals united by a common goal. Through EveryPet, we aspire to foster a collaborative network that unites animal lovers, shelters, municipalities and technology solutions. By pooling our resources, knowledge, and dedication, we aim to amplify our impact and ensure that no lost pet is left behind.

  4. Impacting Lives Through Innovation: EveryPet's mission is to create lasting change by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. We firmly believe that innovation holds the key to redefining how lost pets are reunited with their families. By providing grants to nonprofit shelters and municipalities, we aim to enhance their return-to-home programs with the latest tools and strategies, ultimately saving lives and bringing joy to countless families.

  5. Advocating for Compassionate Solutions: Our journey is fueled by the belief that compassion should guide our actions. We understand the urgency of reuniting lost pets with their families to prevent injuries, shelter stays, or worse outcomes. By advocating for pet identification programs and supporting shelters with our grants, we are championing a more humane approach to addressing this crucial issue.

As we unveil EveryPet's vision, we are filled with excitement and determination. Our mission to swiftly reunite lost pets with their families resonates deeply within us. We are committed to transforming lives, reducing suffering, and demonstrating that when passion meets innovation, remarkable change is possible. Through our collaboration, compassion, and dedication, we aspire to be the driving force that ensures every lost pet's journey leads them safely back to their fur-ever home.

Tom Arnold Lorien Clemens

President / Director Co-founder / Advisor

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