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Our mission: ensure every family has access to tools needed to keep every pet home and out of shelters.

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Who We Are

We strive to empower every community with modern technology that keeps every pet out of shelters. Regardless of race, location, or economic status, every family deserves to get their pets directly home, quickly and safely.

What We Do


Uniting animal lovers, shelters, community organizations & technology by pooling our resources, knowledge and dedication to pets and equity.


Creating lasting change for pets and their people by leveraging cutting-edge, equitable technologies.


We are championing a more progressive, equitable approach to pet identification and return-to-home programs.

Support EveryPet Charity

Why Donate

By donating to EveryPet Charity you are directly contributing to reuniting lost animals with their families swiftly and safely, preventing potential injuries, shelter stays, or worse outcomes.


Your support empowers us to provide grants for cutting-edge technologies to nonprofit shelters and municipalities, enhancing and expanding their return-to-home programs and ultimately saving lives, fostering compassion, and creating a brighter future for both pets and their loving families.

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